on frozen toes and winter nights

boots: c/o wanted; jeans: target; jacket/scarf: panache
david and i just returned from a winter wonderland weekend getaway (which i can't wait to blog about in a couple days) that's left me feeling quite all right about the sub-zero temperatures we've been having. even though i've lived in idaho for five years now, i'm a barefoot, california-raised girl at heart, which makes the snow feel romantic and novel from time to time still.
even joony seems okay with the cold. he gets this concentrated look on his face whenever we step outside (usually just to hustle to the car), and it almost looks like, "this is strange, but i'm enduring it all right." and he looks so darned sweet snuggled into his car seat with his fleecey blanket, hat, booties, and mittens, i just have to kiss the bridge of his nose over and over again (weird mom thing, i guess).

we've also been embracing the cold weather with mexican hot chocolate, chili and corn bread, a constantly-ablaze fireplace, and chunky socks. idaho winters, i don't care what anyone else says. we're cool.


  1. first of all, i love this outfit. its so perfect.
    love that scarf, its so unique and fun.
    and im kind of over winter.
    its been getting sooo cold in provo.
    i mean not as cold as idaho, but this is the coldest winter i feel like we've had in a while.


  2. Ok. I want your scarf. Tell Fuel lady to send me one ;)
    Stay warm!

  3. I LOVE YOUR SCARF AND BOOTS! I love this entire outfit. You look so cute! I kinda miss Idaho sometimes...


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