run it run it

snow boots: tj maxx; pants/scarf: panache; tee: kmart men's/altered; hoodie: ae 2006; jacket: target

that middle picture is the look i get on my face when someone is openly staring at me taking outfit pictures. "yep...i'm taking pictures of myself...on main street...ok, bye now!"

big news in my corner of the world:
i registered for a run.. and you guys, i am terrified, but i'm also so sick of not doing things because they scare me. i was even scared to post about this, because what if i can't run the whole thing? how embarrassing would that be, after announcing it on my blog? but here i am, announcing that i registered for a run happening in less than 2 months. to reiterate: i am terrified. and sick of sitting on my butt. and i got some sweet new running gear for christmas that deserves to see the light of day!

the night i registered for the run, david went charging out into the bitter cold to pick up a treadmill for me...because 3 miles in this freeze is so painful, i can't imagine tacking on another 10. we didn't just buy any treadmill, though. oh no. we picked up a $40 manual treadmill, which means it doesn't have a motor in it, so it's powered by me. awesome. i'm excited to get going.

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  1. Hey Brandilyn!

    I found you through a mutual friend.
    I love your caps on the second picture.
    That often happens to me as well. Sometimes it can get reaaally awkward.

    And congrats on registering for a run!


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