those five

boots: c/o wanted; socks: david's drawer; pants/scarf: panache; chambray: target
you know that "5 things" thing going around instagram? you post a picture of yourself along with 5 random/interesting facts about yourself. i've loved reading everyone else's, and i posted my own on sunday afternoon. i told david about it, then said, "wanna hear what mine were?" he said, "i bet i can guess them. ok, here's what you said: 'i'm brandilyn. I LOVE CATS. i drive a 2012 nissan versa. i was raised by hippies. i'm a breastfeeding fanatic and will pull out a boob anywhere.' was i right?" and i said, "yep. word for word, that is exactly what i posted." he got all excited and started high fiving himself, but i was kidding. i didn't post any of that. what i did say was:

1. i would rather hear about people suffering than animals 2. I pronounce almond "am-un" & people are always jerks about it 3. I still don't grow hair on my inner calves from 12 years of competitive horseback riding 4. i would rather people think me funny than nice, which is awful 5. I almost got arrested once in high school because I kept failing an officer's drug tests, although I swear I wasn't high at all

BAM. 5 things you didn't know about me, the weirdo behind the computer screen writing this blog.

anyways, david and i both gave our talks in church this weekend and now we're so relieved it's over. so we spent sunday afternoon partying it up with a pot roast, a visit with some old friends, and the movie superstar. because we cray like that.


  1. ha! i just watched superstar this week too! a fun way to pass a few hours :) happy monday!

  2. you are adorable. your hair looks great.
    and i made my little bro watch superstar, not sure if its appropriate for him, whoops.


    1. hahaha! david laughed at 1 or 2 parts, but was overall unimpressed. i was giggling the whole time, though!

  3. Haha so awesome. I'm a breast feeding enthusiast as well. Only thing is I dont even have a baby, haha! I once got in a full on argument with a girl over the matter. Whoops.


    1. i think it's worth arguing over! david always teases me about being a hippie, but i see it as a hungry baby. you'll be an awesome nursing mama when the time comes!!


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