arizona and five mas

madewell archive boot; target jeans & cardi; panache top & belt
today i'm arizona-bound! 
i'm running my race on saturday and i am so, so scared about it. i've spent the last few months working hard and pushing myself and i hope it all pays off. if i get a mile in and call it quits, at least i have a weekend in the sun with people i love, though, right!? so we're all ready. joony has a new swim suit (seen here), and i have new* running shoes, and we're hopping on a plane tonight. !!!!!

and now, before i go, i got tagged by the lovely sydney to do a 5 things thing. i did the instagram one, but this is the instagram tag gone rogue version. so, different. and i'm narcissistic enough to do it again, yaknow? ;)

one - i unfollow bloggers who make grammatical errors constantly. my pet peeves are peek/peak and misspelling definitely.
two - i secretly think my marriage is happier than everyone else's and that i love joony more than any other mom loves her baby. i know logically that's not true, other people love just as deeply as i do, but in my heart of hearts...david and i are the happiest couple who ever lived and joony is the most loved baby ever.
three - i hate doing grown-up things. going to the bank, getting the oil changed in the car, calling the insurance agency....all of it makes me stabby.
four - i think about labor & delivery every day. i think the choices women make during that crucial and vulnerable time have a way bigger effect on them as parents than most people realize. i'm hoping to educate myself more and eventually do something to help other women claim that amazing experience.
five - i haven't read many literature classics, and i'm really okay with that, even as someone who has a degree in english. i'm a modern lit kind of girl.

**my ankle's been killing me lately. i thought it was a new runner thing, but when i could barely walk after doing 5 miles, i thought to look at my sneakers. duuhhh. there was some kind of seam defect that was pushing into my feel/ankle. ohmygosh. i took it the local running store where i bought them, and they swapped them right out for these sweet babies. now i just feel dumb for running in shoes that were hurting me for the last 3 months.


  1. Good luck on your race! Glad you figured out the shoe defect :)


  2. Whoops! Totally said peak instead of peek in my last post and felt like an idiot (and still haven't gotten around to finishing it). Also, I have no idea what I'm doing with commas anymore. I need help.
    Please still be my friend!

  3. don't get the runner's trots.

    ANDALSO you would love to kill a mockingbird. i know you would. if you're going to read a classic, start with that one.

  4. LOVE the red cardigan. Bright pops of color!!

  5. I kind of love that you unfriend bloggers who misspell stuff constantly, since grammar is like my LIFE. I have enjoyed doing a Writing Wednesday post on my blog for the past few months and trying to help people understand grammar rules. And it's helping me become better at my job, too, and be a better teacher. :)

  6. I love these posts and I totally agree with you on numbers one and three. Bad grammar is one of my greatest pet peeves--at least until I make an unintentional type! But yes, I totally agree with you on peak/peek. And they're/there/their. Or you're/your. But I digress.

    Good luck on your race! I'm glad you have new (and more comfortable) shoes, too!

  7. Your post is so cute and honest! and good luck on your race! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog! It's adorable...hope you will stop by mine. Andddd, I'm your newest follower hey hey hey!

    xo, Kelsey Belle


  8. Brandilyn! Ryan and I live here in Phoenix. Come see your old vt partner! :) how long will you be here for?

  9. I've never heard anyone say "stabby" before, and I'm not really sure what it means...

    but I think it's wonderful that you are so happy with your family! If everyone were so confident and content the world would be infinitely better!


    1. haha it just means grumpy...like i feel like stabbing someone! and thankk you!


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