boots: modcloth; socks: f21; tee: panache; chambray: target; scarf: h&m

things i've encountered lately that are so good they make me want to cry:
-this post by my dear friend cass. she is insightful and wise and good.

-i'm reading a million miles in a thousand years, by donald miller, and every page has something valuable on it. every time i pick it up i get so engrossed i don't want to put it down.

-my son repeats after me when i say, "bum-bum-bum." as in, "we need to change your bum-bum-bum!" he is so careful and deliberate about the way he says it, it kills me with cute every time.

-a stunning 6-minute video about adoption.

-every time i see pictures of my friends having babies i get this weird jealousy. i don't want more babies, i just want to relive joony's soul-brightening birth day over and over and over again.

this dog video literally made me gasp and cry in laughter. animal videos are the proven number one most effective way to brighten up a dreary day. and you can't argue with science.

-nick and jess' kiss on new girl? dang. good stuff. mindy kaling's tweet actually sums it up perfectly, no?

-the time leading up to joony's morning nap. he sits on my lap, facing me, and plays with the zipper on whatever sweatshirt i'm wearing that morning. he puts his hand over my mouth and laughs when i make funny sounds. i blow raspberries on his neck. sorry, that's the third mom bullet point. what can i say, joony is so good it makes me want to cry.

-the budweiser clydesdale commercial, obviously

p.s. i added a second entry option for the albion fit giveaway
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  1. I get a weird jealousy too when my friends have babies! I don't get it but my hubs says it is because we don't really remember them when they are that small so we miss it :) i love New Girl! so hilarious

    1. Maybe that's it! I KNOW I was too blissed out to notice how much sleep I wasn't getting. I guess we just spend those first few months high on newborn baby smell, huh?

  2. the clydesdalesssssss omg. i don't even like horses and i wanted one after watching it.

  3. You're such a good mama. Thanks for being you.

  4. I love your scarf! I wish I knew how to tie my scarf like that, but alas, I am hopeless with scarves. Also, how cute that your son is already repeating what you say! Awww.

    1. Lindsay, you are too nice! It's just a huge square scarf folded into a triangle. I folded the long ends across behind my neck and then tied them in a loose knot on top of the triangle in front (did all that make sense? haha!). You can find SO many scarf tying tutorials on youtube and pinterest!!


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