give and take and sit on a couch

flats: target; pants/tee: panache; cardi: f21 via thrift store; headband: homemade

i wore this to shop for some furniture with the davids (that's my husband and my son...joony is actually david junior...). if you ever want to see the real personality differences between your spouse and yourself, maybe go make a bigger purchase together.

i'm the impatient one. in furniture shopping, and in life, really, i make a quick decisions and then i stick to them for the long haul. i don't like a ton of options and i like change. once we decided we wanted new furniture, i wanted the old stuff out fast, i saw a couch and love seat i liked at the first place we stopped, and i was done. easy peasy.

david...is not so impatient. he likes to see every single option and he really ponders them. he'd rather live with the old sofa for a few weeks and really get familiar with what's available in our price range. while we were shopping, he would sit on every last sofa in the showroom. i'd beeline for the one i liked best, sit on it for a second, and say, "yes. this one."

luckily, we knew these things about one another going into our little excursion. i knew i'd need to slow down a bit and be patient, and david knew i wasn't going to want to spend all day driving to 20 different stores and sitting on a trillion units. it also went without saying that we'd stop for a sonic strawberry limeade to split on the way home. that's the nice thing about having been together for five years now--we've figured some of these things out. not everything...but some of the things. it's nice to be in sync with that husband of mine, and it's fun to wonder what else we'll have figured out in another 5 years. or 10. or 50.

joony, on the other hand, did not get the memo reminding haynes family members of the give and take rule. he was having none of the couch shopping. he arched his back and screeched and when that failed, he angrily sucked on his binky and glared at us while we shopped. he'll learn.


  1. hahaha, that is awesome.
    i am right there with you girl.
    my husband likes to research products, he researches everything i swear.
    but i put up with it, because in the end i don't really care.


  2. The angry binky sucking is my favorite. We call it angry muttering. Can't wait for the day we can afford new furniture!

  3. the angry muttering was our favorite! she would suck hard on it and say "ladle ladle ladle" its still something we say when we are by ourselves! haha I love your headbands :)

  4. Cool. I have 2 years down and am trying to imagine what 5 will be like! Might I strongly suggest Downeast Home (tons of Pottery Barn stuff) - and ask when the next big sale will be (we scored a dreamy couch on the Pres Day weekend sale.)

  5. This made me laugh because you could have just described my husband and me! We went couch shopping around New Year's and I wanted to buy the first couch we sat on that wasn't hard as a rock -- and I probably would have, too, if he wasn't there. Ironically, we didn't end up buying any furniture and still haven't. It's probably a good thing, since the couch we have now is the result of me buying the first couch I sat on. :)

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