if i could make a living out of loving you, i'd be a millionaire in a week or two

boots/jeans/cardi: target; top: lovenell clothing; scarf: panache

welcome to my hallway!

words on pages. i'm finally getting back into a good reading groove--i feel like i've been in a funk for the last 18 months since i graduated! i just finished a good book, i'm in the middle of another, and i've got a few more lined up. bam.

reese's peanut butter hearts. joony (ok, i) made valentines to send out and i wanted to include little reese's heart candies...but then they all got sent back to me in the mail saying they needed a bumload more postage. so i had to open the envelopes, take the candy out, seal them back up, and send them out again...leaving me with a ton of reese's peanut butter hearts.

the dooiiing of our doorstopper springs. joony knows where each one in the house is and he army crawls from spring to spring, flicking them and smiling.

bread baking! i found a gluten-free mix that i make in my bread machine. it is so good, you wouldn't even know it was missing the flour. i love having good food smells hanging around!

the top of joony's head. his hair is so soft, and his head is so tiny, i feel like i'm constantly ruffling his hair and kissing him. he probably gets embarrassed in the grocery store, but i don't even care.

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  1. Ok, totally should have bought those boots yesterday. Dang it! I love how you styled all this.


  2. you look adorable.
    and those reeses hearts i can't help but eat a million.
    and bread, yum!


  3. You and I own the same pairs of Target booties . . . only my fringe ones are in black and my regular ones are in tan.

    So I guess what I'm saying is NICE STYLE GURL.

  4. i'd be doin what i love and lovin what i doooooooooo...if i could make a livin outta lovin you! (sang with heavy twang obvs).

  5. Oh my gosh, Jax was obsessed with those door stoppers too! I don't know if yours are like ours at all, but the rubber end on ours came off really easily- and I didn't even know! I found it in Jax's mouth!

  6. door stoppers are the best toy for babies! C would crawl around to all of them and it would entertain her for hours lol!

  7. My husband whacks our door stopper by accident all the time, and the sound drives me nuts! I don't know what I'll do if our future children crawl around and strum them. Probably just get used to the sound, since I'm sure they'll love it. :)


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