one two three and four

boots: c/o wanted; jeans: target; top: f21; headband: homemade

1. this is a super simple outfit i wore to chow down and chat it up with some girlfriends. i wondered if the headband + stripes + boots made me a pirate...i still don't know. 

2. i'm thinking about signing up for self-defense courses. has anyone out there done that? i am always afraid when i'm home alone with joony (read: all day every day). every time i walk into an empty room i'm worried someone's broken into that room. this probably isn't normal. SO i think it would help if i learned some sweet moves to protect myself and, more importantly, joony if i ever had to. any recommendations on how to go about that?

3. i bought joony swim dipes yesterday because we're going to arizona  so soon!! i hope he loves the swimming pool. if he doesn't...it's not that big of a deal because we don't swim that much. but it'd be fun to splash around with that little chunk.


  1. Oooh do you remember back in the day. Maybe they still have them up, who knows? But anyways, BYUI had up the funniest self defense posters in the gym. It consisted of a person in this HUGE red robot looking suit and all these crazy ladies kicking and punching him. Funniest thing ever.


  2. BYU-Idaho has RAD classes which teach self-defense. I've never attended, but one of my very best friends really loved it and took it several times. I think it's like a 4 week course...

  3. I took a RAD course on campus and had the time of my life! It was really fun and I still practice defending myself when Scott gets frisky ;)

  4. i felt like a pirate too when i wore my boots and striped shirt!!!

  5. I have an abnormal fear of someone lurking in my house when I'm alone -- and I also think someone is going to plant a car bomb in my car and it will blow up when I start it. NOT NORMAL. Obviously I need some self defense classes (or therapy).

  6. Where is #4? I won't rest until I know what it was.

    1. it was this:

      4. kate is pretty much the coolest lady i know. some day i hope to have her wisdom and grace, but for now i will settle for tagging along on shopping trips and cracking jokes that probably aren't even that funny.

      the end, amen.


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