sunday stuff

madewell archive boot; ASOS tights; express dress
the last time i wore this dress i was getting big. you know, pregnant. i saw a picture the other day and thought i looked strange and that this dress highlighted how crazy a pregnant body can look. but you know what? i remember feeling so happy the dang thing still fit because it was a constant challenge to squeeze my growing self into clothing and these sweatpants are all that fit me right now! (regina george) anyways, i've had this dress since high school and i love it. it's my LBD. moving on...

david usually hangs out in church clothes all day after we get home on sundays. i guess his slacks and button-down aren't that uncomfortable. the minute we walk through the door, though, i'm sprinting back to the bedroom to change out of tights and shoes and into this:
sweatshirt and leggings, perfect for chilling on the couch with my boo.
it's the mom uniform, can i get an amen?


  1. Amen! As soon as im in the door from anywhere, hello yoga pants and tees!

  2. ok, im not a mom, but i do the exact same thing. holla girl!


  3. I've never quite understood the people who choose to stay in their church clothes all day on Sunday. I walk in the door and walk straight to my bedroom to change. That dress fits you perfectly!

  4. amazing dress! I LOVE it!

    and yes, as soon as i get home i'm back in my pjs in my bed... #9amchurchprobz

  5. Super cute dress! love how the boots add color and interest to the LBD.
    I'm not a mom, but yes! I totally do that! In the door, off with the tights, shoes and outfit! Hello warm fuzzy pants!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. HAHAHAHAAH!!!!!! joonys face!!!! priceless!!!! HAHA!!!

  7. Your little boy is getting so big! And yeah, the Sunday clothes come RIGHT off when I get home. Skirts are just not that comfortable (and freezing in the winter).


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