these days

these days...
1 - i never feel like my day can really start until the bed is made.
2 - he adores the sound the kitchen cabinet makes when he kicks it.
3 - how my runs look: treadmill + a movie pulled up on netflix...because who wants to stare at a wall for 5 miles? i mean, i don't.
4 - blindfolding himself is his favorite thing. he shrieks in joy.
5 - checking on david's bread.
6 - playing with our new camera remote. joony's like, "wait, what are we smiling at?"


  1. What are your thoughts on the manual TM?? We are looking to get a used treadmill from Craigslist or somewhere soon and I see manual ones but am skeptical. Do you feel you get as good of a workout? Or better? Does not having speed controls bother you at all? Thanks!!


    1. Hey, Ali! I had a manual one for a while and then switched to this one, which actually does have a motor! If you're looking for a good walk or a slow jog, I think the manual would be great and a super affordable option. It definitely gives you a workout, too! Since I've been training for a race, though, I really needed those speed controls and a little more ease with a treadmill. I definitely prefer the motorized one to the manual if you can swing it! I put a link to the one I have down below. It's been an awesome little machine for me. Good luck!


  2. hahaha i love this last picture.
    so great.
    also your bedroom so cute.


  3. i totally feel the same way about the bed being made! sometimes I like to stay in bed as long as I can and hope the day hasn't started yet :)

  4. Wow, Joons looks SO big and grown up in the picture where he's laying on that striped rug. Also, I love the last picture, I just got a pair of polka dot leggings and need some good inspiration on how to style them.

  5. your room is so cute! also those pants are adorable

  6. I have to make the bed in the morning as well.

    5 miles?! I couldn't even run 1! :-) But the netflix movie a great idea.

  7. Joony is adorable!! I just found you and thought how much he seems like my son, checked your about me, and Joony's exactly 1 month older! I feel like he keeps getting into cooler and cooler stages, so when can that possibly end? I guess when they get minds of their own and actually make you mad knowingly... Luckily I have a bit of time until then. Excited to be following you!


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