whaddup with that

boots/sweater: target; tights: ASOS; belt: f21; skirt: panache
valentine's day + the weekend following:

- i met david on his lunch break for a little date on the 14th, and then we had dinner at home. i was trying to make our table settings a little fancier than usual, but we don't have sweet china or anything. i thought, "what would pinterest do?" my solution: scrabble tiles.

- david came home with fancy foreign chocolate and a single red rose. BOOM. nice work, babe!

- new friends and fun conversation, wahoo!

- i made these s'more bars (i use smart balance light butter, enjoy life mega chunk chocolate chips, & bob's red mill all-purpose flour to keep those babies gluten & dairy free...and they are still so good!) and then ate like 8 of them myself. woops.

- running F O U R miles. 4! that is huge! it took me approximately one millennium to do it, but it happened. and i patted myself on my sweaty back (gross, i know).

- david and i each getting, at different times, that exasperated-desperate-angry that comes with being sleep deprived. joony's second front tooth has been no fun at all, the sad little guy. i *think* we're through the worst of it with that one...now we only have, what, 29 more to go? ::sobbing::

- butternut squash soup, oh my gooosssh. be still my growling stomach. shared with joony, who gave it two thumbs up as well.

a side note: i hate when folks say v-day. sounds gross. does it take that much more effort to say valentine's day? they're being totes lazy. f'real.


  1. I love the scrabble tiles on the plates! So cute! Wish I'd thought of it myself. :)

  2. Love the scrabble pieces. Such a cute idea. Oh and those chocolate covered strawberries looks amazing!

  3. cute shoes and cute chocolate :) I gave up chocolate after Valentines day to get my err...relationship with it back in order. Turns out it's a hard break up!

  4. that skirt on you is fabouls!


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