yolo, and other things i'm too old for

madewell archive boot; polka dot jeans: target; button-up: j.crew via berkeley buffalo exchange; sweatshirt: panache

at first i was like, "this is too many patterns for one outfit!" but then i just threw my arms in the air and screamed, "YOLO!!" i am just kidding. i'm too old to say yolo, right?

more signs i'm getting older:

1. i put a hello kitty sweatshirt in my online forever 21 shopping cart...and then thought, "will i be judged for wearing a hello kitty sweatshirt? am i too old for that?" for the record, it's this sweatshirt, which i didn't end up buying but i still think is pretty cute.

2. i put my pajama pants on and thought, "dang, did these shrink in the wash? they're barely skimming my ankles! they used to drag on the floor!" and then i realized...it's because they're not slung low on my hips with the waistband rolled once. THEY ARE UP AT MY NATURAL WAIST BECAUSE IT'S MORE COMFORTABLE AND DOESN'T SHOW MY B-CRACK.

anyways, i don't think it's so much my age as it is the fact that i'm a mom now. a housewife. a wife of almost 5 years. i'm almost not a newlywed anymore!

oh, and just to keep things real around here...the first of the outfit pictures we took this day:
me, wiping food off my face because i'd just finished eating a huge skillet of macaroni and cheese at the hickory in rexburg, which is delicious. i ate there three times last week. shameful. shameful and delicious.


  1. You're never to old to scream YOLO! And I want to steal your pants.

  2. adorable. love this outfit.
    love the polka dots.


  3. Please look up YOLO by The Lonely Island! It is hysterical. Also, your legs. Dang girl. You don't look like you have a child.

  4. I love your outfit--definitely not too many patterns. I'm going to have to check out those polka dot jeans at Target now! :)

  5. you're cute as a button. and also that hello kitty sweatshirt is so bomb.

  6. You are too skinny to be "too old" for anything...

  7. love the boots! and you're not too old :)

  8. I have polka dot pants just like these, and I love them! The whole outfit is super cute. Also, I definitely feel like I'm too old for YOLO. Why am I not cool anymore? :)

  9. that sweatshirt.... we had some really deep moments together

    1. man, i could tell it had been through a lot the second i put it on after getting it back from you. if that sweatshirt could talk.....

  10. Love your pants!! so cute!


  11. I love your boots!

    I have an obsession with boots. It's an addiction, and I'm pretty sure by the end of winter sales I'll need a 12 step program.

    I'm also jealous that you had a skillet of mac and cheese. I think I might need a 12 step program for that, too. I always try to get my parents to take me to Rexburg to shop and eat because Pocatello has a horrible lack of anything I like. Fashion blogging in Poky is tough. Be glad you have Rexburg.

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