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Inspired by my girl Lacie, I thought I'd post what the Easter bunny is bringing everyone in our house this year! I went a little overboard with David's basket, because we would have bought him the cycling stuff anyways and because he's been busting his butt with 55+ hour work weeks lately and deserves some spoiling.  And I put my own basket together because it was a ton of fun for me, and I didn't want David to stress it (again, crazy long work weeks).  I wish we had adorable embroidered bunny baskets like Gemma, buuut...I'm putting our goodies in empty nursing pad boxes.  Because I'm supa classy like that.
Joony's basket: A fabric book, puffs, bubbles, 2 touch-and-feel books (his favorite right now!), Mum-mums, sneakers (that he's been wearing already because I couldn't stop myself), and white tees.
NOT PICTURED: monkey bowling set inspired by Gemma that is shipping from Hong Kong and probably won't get here for another 10 years.
David's basket: A shirt (from KMart! They seriously kill it with old man shirts), full-finger cycling gloves, Gu and Clif bar shot Bloks, a CatEye to track distance/speed on his bike, Foggle wipes, and chocolate covered cherries (I lurve the treat section of TJMaxx).
My basket: Gel pens (product of the 90s), Reese's eggs, a gorgeous, drapey Anthropologie sweater I found for $12 at DownEast, 2 books, and a 3D kitty iPhone case I couldn't resist ($3.50 on eBay and it comes in 5 other colors...I kind of want 1 of each...).  My books & iPhone case hadn't arrived when I took these pictures...hence the stellar editing job ;)

That's it!  The Easter bunny is spoiling our family this year.

Also, if you're curious, here's a little bit more about what we're celebrating this time of year, which includes a beautiful video that I think any Christian would enjoy.  Baskets and eggs are fun, but this message is so much more precious to us than silly little gifts. He is risen!


  1. I feel like I'm always commenting/liking but we totally got Grant those bubbles and puffs! I was the one asking what your birthday present traditions were on insta :) isn't it fun bein the Easter bunny!?

    1. I love it! Are you doing a basket for Grant? What are you putting in it??

  2. My high school English teacher wrote the silver linings playbook! It's amazing, as was the movie!

    1. What??!! That is SO COOL! You're practically famous by proxy!

  3. Love the stuff in everyone's basket. So personal and fun. I seriously considered doing a basket for my little one but she just turned a month old and I thought it'd be silly. Now I'm regretting not having one!

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