ditch the whole scene

boots: mommed; dress: gap; button down: panache; necklace: truly sarah

I wore this for St. Patrick's Day on Sunday!  I wore the green necklace just in case I got threatened with a pinch (I didn't).  AND this dress is without a doubt the most versatile item in my closet.  Summer, winter, layers under, layers over, you name it.  My CPW (you know, cost per wear) is down in the pennies.  The pennies!

I was browsing on Forever 21 last night, as I am wont to do, and I noticed they have this cat ear headband! I seriously got so excited, because A.) T.Swiz wore one EXACTLY like it in the 22 music video (obsessed with everything about that vid, btw), and B.) it's only $5.  But then it occurred to me...what occasion in my life would warrant such an accessory?  Grocery shopping?  Church?  Sitting on my couch and nursing my baby?  I mean, I live in Idaho.  I would get some seriously furrowed brows if I cruised around in cat ears.

ALSO: I announced the Shabby Apple giveaway winner in the original post.  It was someone who said they never win giveaways, which made me super happy when their comment was the winning one :)  If you didn't win and want to buy something from Shabby Apple, you can get 10% off with the coupon code catsandcardigans10off.  Thanks for entering and playing along, everyone!


  1. your dress is perfect. i seriously love it.
    and i definitely think you could find a reason to wear that cat headband.


  2. Best vid of all time. Taylor wins. 22 was one of my favorite ages to be. JUST BUY THE CAT EARS ALREADY B!!

  3. HAAAAAAAAA, hahahaha. Please buy the cat ears and wear them when we go to lunch next week.

  4. One of the cutest outfits i've seen blogged!! Follow me too:


    Model Scout/Blogger

  5. So funny! I think you should totally wear the headband and cruise around town! LOL!


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