It is PI DAY! 3-14, right? My public education done cheated me when it came to math, but I do at least remember that little tidbit.

David works on Saturdays now, and I always get jealous of all the families doing fun day-off things.  I guess it all evens out, because he has Mondays off and we get to have fun while everyone else is moping about the Monday blues, but I still try to think of new, fun things to do to keep Joony and I entertained on Saturdays until David gets home and our weekend starts.

So last Saturday...I baked!
I made this chocolate cake mix (I made it in 2-8" rounds and stacked them, because it is approximately 50x better with a layer of frosting in the middle), because David sold a buttload of vehicles last week and it needed to be celebrated.
For myself, I made these homemade bagels.  It was quite the process, but a lot of fun and they taste AMAZING.  I think next time, after doing the egg wash, I'll sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on. Yumm.

So...what should I bake this Saturday?  Any must-try recipes?


  1. That cake looks delicious!!! I like the idea of starting a tradition of saturdays being baking day!

    You could make some cookies that melt in your mouth (literally, they are THAT buttery!!)...

    I'm baking some gluten free orange and almond cookies this afternoon and if they're any good will pop them on my blog this week too, they'll be a fair bit healthier than the melting moments, but your hubby will love those when he gets home!


  2. i made those bagels too, they're so delicious! my husband and i ate half of them in less than an hour after they came out of the oven... sometimes that just happens. good idea about the cinnamon sugar! i'll have to try that too! :)

  3. I made those bagels as well, so good! I was also thinking of cinnamon and sugar or jalapeno.

  4. Um, yum!! These bagels will have to happen ASAP!


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