madewell archive boot; f21 socks/belt; old navy skirt; drugstore tee; panache scarf

I was getting dressed the other morning and thought to myself, "Self, remember when you wore pencil skirts all the time? Wasn't that fun?" That was in college, when i was working as a teacher's assistant.  I was teaching class from time to time and had meetings with students and wanted to look at least a little professional, even though the job didn't require business dress.  I loved a good, stretchy pencil skirt. Aah, the glory days.  Well, that's when I decided that even though I'm toting a chunky guy (22 lbs, ohmuhgarsh) around with me, a pencil skirt would still be an okay choice for a sushi lunch date.  And it felt good.  And also, I texted Kate as we were making plans and said, "No laughing at me allowed, I'm dressed head to toe in blogger stereotypes."  I almost even wore a chambray and top knot with this!  But then I toned it down a little bit.

So that's a lot of yammer about an outfit.  But maybe as an outfit blogger it's okay to be outfit-obsessed for a post? Or always? Okay.


  1. you look great.
    and there definitely been times when dressing myself and i think "gosh this makes me look like a blogger"
    and then i change an item.


  2. We love your boot socks and scarf! Super cute.
    The IdentiFemi Girls

  3. Cute skirt! I love the socks sticking out of your boots look! xoLili



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