running faves

Confidence Power Plus Treadmill - I would take an outdoor run over a treadmill run on any day of the week.  However, 30* is my cutoff for running outside, so on those (many, many, many) days of the year, this sweet machine is my BFF. It's teeny tiny, folds up for storage, and is priced reasonably.  Be warned, though: it tops out at 6 mph. For a walker/jogger, no biggie.  For a 7-minute-mile-marathoner, you need a faster treadmill, and you shouldn't be taking running advice from me.

Pepper spray - Because I am paranoid, and if you're running alone at nighttime, you should be, too.  This one is small and cute and easy to pack in your fanny pack (see below!).

Brooks PureConnect 2s - My sneaks. I've sung their praises on here before, so I'll leave it at this: I love these shoes.

Lite pack - If you are dorky enough to run with a fanny pack (I am), this one is sleek and lightweight.

Old Navy compression legging - The bomb. I love them. They are so so long, and comfortable, and not see through, and warm enough for outdoor runs.

Headbands - Pretty much any wide, stretchy headband will do.  I have some warmer ones I wear outside to protect my ears when it's cold, but when I'm inside, I just need something to hold my blasted bangs out of my sweaty face.

Map My Run - Website that lets you pull up your neighborhood and map your run, then lets you know distance, elevation, yadda yadda.  It's awesome, especially if you're training for a race.

**No sponsored tomfoolery here, just stuff I really do use & love!**


  1. I'm thinking about getting into running. I'm not coordinated to play most, okay all, sports. But I think I could do this? Super excited about that treadmill. Do you have a jogging stroller that you use with Joony?

    1. DO IT! in january, no lie, i could not run one mile without stopping to walk and had severe asthma...a few weeks ago i ran SIX, no inhalator! you will be shocked at how quickly your body responds. i'm in the market for a jogging stroller right now! unfortunately i can't spend a kajillion dollars on some of the strollers i see all the hip moms pushing, so hopefully craigslist will pull through for me soon ;)

      good luck with running! email me if you want to talk more about it!

  2. I love the Old Navy leggings too! I live in Michigan and it has seriously been in the 30s every day I run, so they are so perfect :) I just signed up for a marathon in October and I am so excited, I got into running after C was born, and it is the best!

  3. Where did you find those super thick stretchy headbands? I have ONE and I've had it for years (has that eternal sweat smell) because it was part of the pant leg when I cut some yogas into capris. Yup, that calf part can make the perfect headband! Haven't found anything like it since and I don't have any other yogas that I want to cut anytime soon ;)
    PS - I love ID scenery too!


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