wal mart curses

madewell archive boot; target jeans; thrift store plaid; panache cardi; world market necklace

this week has been a rough one. coming back from a trip is always tricky--settling back into my old routine while wishing i was still in a sunny place with some of my favorite people. and there's an emotional situation over here. 11 months after welcoming joonbugs home, i'm feeling the full force of good old PMS again (TMI? sorrynotsorry). i'm tired, irritable, hungry, weepy, all of it. i just want to curl up with my husband, watch the office, and eat chocolate covered cinnamon bears in bed! i know, i know, poor me, recovering from a fun vacation with a healthy body. waaaaaah.

anyways, yesterday morning i woke up feeling back to normal. david texted me a sweet, "how's everyone doing this morning?" because every other day this week i've been like, "I HATE EVERYTHING GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD." and i was happy to respond with a chipper, "so good, baby!!" that was before we got home from the wal marts, though. wal mart is a day curser, i'm not joking. we were having a perfectly lovely morning, but after wal mart, joony whined the whole way home. i put him down in his room for a nap, and that's when The Tantrum of the Century commenced. it was bad. i also decided to start assembling the cheap-o bookshelf i'd bought at wal mart right then. big mistake. HUGE. by the time joony finally fell asleep (after 90 minutes of screamcrying) i was huddled in the middle of bookshelf pieces, knocking back diet dr. pepper and reese's PB eggs like it was my part-time job.

so that was yesterday. fingers crossed today is more successful, eh?

my jeans are polka dotted, which you can't really see in this picture. in southeastern idaho, i'm quite the crazy lady in an outfit like this. in the rest of the world, meh.


  1. I both laughed and nodded along throughout this post! I hope today is much better for you!!!!

    Meg at http://meg-made.blogspot.com

  2. oh my goodness, seriously it is the wal marts fault, i believe it.
    hope you have a good day today and great weekend!


  3. i completely agree! nothing can put me in a bad mood like pms-ing and visiting walmart.

  4. I like your candid-ness. I think all of us have had days like this.

  5. I love your outfit! Walmart makes me cranky often, too — especially since the closest one to our house sucks and is always out of everything we need. :)

  6. oh tantrums can be killer to your ears and sanity. Thank goodness for Reese's PB eggs!


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