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Sometimes I don't know what this blog is.  It seems that so many of the places I visit online fit into tidy categories.  Mommy blogs with long, gorgeous paragraphs about days spent tending little ones.  Impersonal fashion blogs with a couple lines--Worn to dip into a coffee shop, gosh I love J. Crew, xoxo!  DIY blogs with beautifully lit pictures and insanely expensive stuff.

I don't know where I fit into those.  I wouldn't ever in a million years call my outfits OMG FASHUN worthy and sometimes I wonder why I bother to take pictures.  I enjoy gabbing for more than a few lines on here, but I worry that the things I have to say about motherhood are trite and cliched.  And DIY stuff...OK, let's just not go there.  I'd end up asking for your opinion because I am clueless.

All that to say...I hope it's not annoying if I jump around a little bit.  Sometimes a mom just needs a good gush about her little guy, you know?
I put this dude in a button-up and jeans yesterday and all of a sudden he was ready to ask some girl to the prom and start applying for college.  Last week was a bumpy ride for Joony--an upset lower stomach, the worst diaper rash I've ever seen in my life, an allergic reaction that covered him in hives.  Yowee.  On Sunday, I passed out sitting up on the couch and awoke two hours later snuggled into my big, perfect bed with no memory of closing my eyes or of stumbling back to the bedroom to finish my snooze.
I felt like a new person after that nap.  If there's one thing a year of parenting has taught me, it's the power of a nap.  Joony's feeling better now, the rash and hives are all cleared up, and we're back to our normal routine of housework and bouncing around town.  As a mom who works inside the home, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed, useless, incompetent, exhausted, you know...all those bad things.  It's good to feel in control again and ready to fully enjoy all the funny little things my baby does these days.  When he gets frustrated, he clenches his fists and teeth and tenses his whole body so much he shakes for a few seconds.  He uses his pointer finger to make a point while babbling and shrieks in excitement when I open the refrigerator door because he loves to dig through the shelves in there.  He tries to climb up my shirt if he's in a shopping cart and wants to be held and uses me as his human jungle gym (my favorite).

I guess I'm just saying that I love being mom.  Over and out.


  1. I love your blog! You stay true to yourself and I keep reading because of YOU! :-)

  2. whatever category you are i enjoy reading. Your relate-able and adorable!

  3. I'm not sure what blog 'category' you're in either, but who cares? You write such funny, honest and relate-able posts and I thoroughly enjoy reading all about you and your lovely family. Keep it up, you're wonderful! :)

  4. Geez, Brandilyn! Will you hurry up and put your blog into a box already?!
    Also, did you just get that haircut, or am I slow?
    Also, Jooney in those clothes is killing me.
    Also, I used to love Georgia using me as a jungle gym until I got pregnant and now I'm like: "there's only room for one baby here!" which makes me feel a little guilty, so I just let her.

    1. I'm on it!!

      It's new! I cut liiiike 7 or 8 inches off. Feels good. Jessie feel goood (New Girl quote, sry).

      When I come visit Georgia can climb on me all she wants and you + baby sis can take a break from being the jungle gym!

  5. I prefer your blog to a lot of the more clearly categorized blogs, honestly. More relate-able. I have really enjoyed reading it.

  6. After years of keeping up all the fashion bloggers out there, your blog is the one I check first everyday! You're relatable and I love that! Pretty sure we be friends in real life and our babes would play and play.

    1. That would be awesome! I wish all my blogging friends lives in my neighborhood and our babies could all play together and we could talk and talk and talk all day long.

  7. Don't worry about the category your blog fits in if you love what you do. Obviously, people enjoy reading it. Your personality, style and approach to life are what draws in your readers. Keep up the good work! BTW I loved the Dove video!

  8. Brandilyn, I LOVE your blog. It's YOU, and that's what it's all about. There are actually only like a handful of blogs I love, and yours is one of them! It seems like all the popular or "perfect" blogs fall into their categories, but flow with the same trends...if that makes any sense. They just don't seem as authentic to me. I can tell you totally write for you and the people you care about and all about the things you love, and I am so glad you do!
    I have kinda learned that instead of trying to appeal to people, it's better to just be yourself on your blog and people who like you will come and stay. Your blog has always been one of my best examples of that!
    Keep doing your thing! We all heart your blog!

  9. P.S. I wish we could come to Idaho and go on walks with you and Joony!!


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