bashing his birthday

We had a little birthday bash for Joony over the weekend (his birthday isn't until Thursday, but with everyone's schedule it just made the most sense to do it then).  I didn't decorate a ton or have a theme or do anything Pinterest-worthy.  My thinking was that, at one, he just doesn't notice, care, or remember, and I didn't want to distract from the most important thing of all--celebrating our sweet little guy's first year alive and our first year as parents!  The result was a laid-back little get-together with some of our good friends, delicious burgers, and cake.  Perfect.

I've always been so grossed out by babies covered in food, so please excuse the last picture if you share in that train of thought.  All of a sudden, when it was my baby turning one, I didn't mind a little cake in his face. He was very serious about the entire process, too.

I also made a party punch, which I talked about for like two weeks leading up to Joony's party.  I really love party punch and rarely have an excuse to make one.  I used this recipe, and everyone who came commented on how good it was...because I had talked about it to all of them individually prior to the event.  Sometimes I'm kind of lame.  But party punch is not, the end.


  1. Amazing cake and happy birthday to joony! I'd say that's Pinterest worthy! Also, is he eating yogurt or anything equally as messy yet? Bc be will be COVERED in it - my husband literally has a panic attack when our daughter eats yogurt. It's seriously the worst thing to clean but she loves it! I can't say no when she points to it in the fridge!!

  2. So very fun! Love the cake idea, so cute. Happy birthday to your little one. And holy cow, that party punch looks fabulous!

  3. It was the perfect one year birthday party. Anti-pinterest!

    p.s I loooove getting party punched, too...


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