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This weekend:

- Saying good-bye to one of my very best friends Kate, who is headed to New York for an adventure and then back to her Arizona desert roots to settle into post-college life. I feel so much hope and excitement and optimism for what life holds for my beautiful friend, but I'm also feeling that gut-wrenching, selfish ache of being left in Idaho without our lunch dates, shopping trips, and wonderful conversations.

- After a 13 hour work day, David got home and was sad he hadn't seen Joony all day...so we woke him up and went on a last minute family date night run to Chick Fil A. Joons was excited to see his Dad, and we were excited to go on a little drive and laugh together (plus, waffle fries).

- Starting Little Women for the first time.  I hate to admit it (I generally dislike classics in literature, especially ones beloved exclusively by women)...but it is really sweet and I'm enjoying it despite myself. (Also: I keep thinking of this Friends moment)

- Realizing, after the third or fourth time, that my heart cannot handle posts about the end of breastfeeding.  I just can't do it.  This bond I have with my son is so sacred to me that I just can't even wrap my mind around ending it anytime soon...so I won't.  Weaning blog posts: You are beautiful, but I am done with you.  It's not you, it's me.

- C R A Z Y wind (see outfit pictures + hair in my face).  I actually almost got blown off a freeway overpass, you feel me?  This wind was not messing around.

- Joony saying an earnest, "Mom-mom-mom?" every time he climbed into my lap.  Oh, my singing soul, I wanted to cry every time it happened!

- Writing this novel of a blog post. Y'welcome.


  1. Enjoy your breast feeding! Ending it because you feel like you have to is silly. I planned on nursing Lucy for as long as her little heart desired but right before her 1st bday she was just so busy (and stopped waking up at night all together) that she made the decision for us...I definitely shed some tears!!!!

    Ps. We will become silhouettes is one of my FAVE songs!!

  2. Little Women is one of my favorite books. I read it for the first time right after I got married, and it just makes me want to be domestic and industrious. Sometimes it's a little sappy, but it's just so gooooood.

  3. I breast fed my last two babies until they were two and we're all fairly normal.:) Do what makes you (and them!) happy and don't care what anyone else thinks.

  4. I REALLY need to read Little Women. I'm glad to hear you like it! I'm procrastinating from all of my responsibilities by reading the Wool series. Have you heard/read any of them? I'm dying to hear someone else's opinion (other than reviewers)

  5. Ahh I'm dreading weaning too. My heart can't handle it either. My daughter is 15 months and we still nurse at least three times a day. I pretty much cry when I think about the end!

  6. Stick with "Little Women!" I promise it's amazing and worth the time it takes to plow through. I'm not a big fan of most classics either (especially "Wuthering Heights" and "The Great Gatsby"), but I love this book.


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