“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'”

madewell archive boot; pants: panache; sweater: american eagle via downeast; necklace: world market; bag: lucky brand
When David and I owned our clothing store Panache, we had a salon in the back.  Val, Megan L., and Liz were our full-time stylists and I would feel so happy whenever they were all there at the same time as me.  After I had Joony, we hired Kate and Megan M. to work the clothing store, and they became part of the Panache family, too.  We had a few different people hired in the salon before we settled in with this final group, and those negative experiences really prepared me to feel grateful once we had good vibes going in that space.  The time I spent working with them was so, so sweet.
Anyways, yesterday we ALL went to Jackson Hole, WY together!  It was a cold, windy day, but we ate delicious Mexican food and shopped to our heart's content and enjoyed the best kind of conversations.

It is so easy as women to be catty and judgmental and generally mean to one another.  I don't know why that is, but I've come to realize that it is very rare to find a large group of women who all get along well and lift one another up.  The good energy that these ladies have brought into my life has had such a huge impact on me.  They are beautiful, faithful, kind people and I consider myself insanely lucky to call them friends family.

This is just typical...everyone being a straight-up model and I'm a dum-dum.  And Joony's quite serious.

Jackson photos from my instagram & stolen from Kate's instagram
Title quote by the good Mr. C. S. Lewis


  1. Adore seeing women get along like this. Agree with you that I have no idea why we seem to have trouble being together positively in large groups but I wish it were different.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. I love that quote = I've never heard it before, but it is so true. I haven't been to Jackson in quite a while! Looks so fun.

  3. Aww that's so great that you guys got to go together. :)
    And I love the quote; so true.

    Dani Rose

  4. I missed the part where you sold Panache!

  5. ohhhh i love this!! fav outfit ever you look HAWTTT and i loved this trip! so happy to have all of you!!

  6. you are so right! so right.
    and sounds like so much fun.
    and i love that last picture.


  7. I'm just gonna boo the fact that Panache doesn't exist anymore one more time.
    Also, I can't get over how serious your baby is. It cracks me up!

  8. I LOVE Jackson Hole -- and I have to tell you that I walked into what used to be Panache when I was back in Rexburg, and it just wasn't the same. :( I'm glad you've moved on and found something you love even more, though!

  9. What a good man, Mr. C.S. Lewis! And what a fun group of friends! Love your aw sweater, I grabbed 3 from the store when they were on sale and have been living in them. The grey one may or may not need to be retired after this season...


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