hand jive

jeans: target; tee: old navy ($12 & BOGO!); scarf: f21 a million years ago
5 Senses...
Touching - Everything gingerly.  Apparently I have the soft skin of one who is not used to manual labor.  I went to screw a piece into our TV stand the other night and ended up with a massive blister on my finger.  I need to toughen up, yo!
Tasting - Tangerine Jelly Bellies. I got a whole sack full at WinCo, and now I'm realizing that it was a terrible idea because I will eat them until they're gone.  Yikes.
Hearing - Joonbaby noises: "Mom-ma-mom-ma?" and kicking and "Buh?" They are the sweetest soundtrack to every day.  Even on the hard days, being Mom a great thing.
Smelling - Pureed carrots for Joons.  They smell so good to me!
Seeing - Spots. My spacial awareness is crap.  I am constantly slamming my head into things--the refrigerator, door frames.  When I wear heels, I always hit my head on the car as I reach into the back seat to pull Joony out since my height is slightly altered.  What gives?  Yesterday I hit my head so hard on the top of the refrigerator that I immediately burst into childlike tears.  Lame.

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  1. Oh my gosh what a divine photo of you two!! xx

  2. omg I love this picture! You belong on the cover of motherboy! You're so much cuter than Lucille and Buster

    1. Motherboy hahahahahahahahahahahaha just put us in matching sailor costumes! Or are we Sonny and Cher? "Either I go down or he zips up, and that's an awful long zipper on Mother's Cher costume!"

  3. Such a great photo! Baby sounds are the absolute best :)

  4. That picture needs to be blown up and framed! So cute.

  5. there is just too many cute pics of you i cant choose which one i like best!!!! this one needs to be hung up in the house somewhere its the CUTEST!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!

  6. Adorable photo!! He is so grown up and so baby all at once. And thanks for the Jelly Belly craving. Almost ANY flavor of those is divine to me!


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