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heels: urban outfitters via consignment store; tights: asos; skirt: old navy; cacti top/cardi: f21

These last couple days have been a little crazy.  As I mentioned yesterday, we sold our couches on Sunday, bought new ones on Monday, and they got delivered yesterday.  We love them:
...and we are pretty relieved to be done buying & selling furniture for a while.
Our couches aren't the only new thing around here, though!  Joony got new pajamas and immediately gained superhero diaper change evasion strength:
My only wish is that he would gain superhero teething evasion strength, too.  No such luck.
David got a new dirt bike (!) and now has a sore bum and a bunch of mysterious bruises from hitting the track on Saturday night:
(I've mentioned on here before that my husband is a top-notch motorcyclist, right?  Going along with the superhero talk, I'm always surprised when I see him hitting those jumps and tearing around corners.  It's a talent he has that I sometimes forget about until I see him using it, and then it's like, "Dang.  That is an attractive man with a sweet skill set. And I get to make out with him.  Shabooya." ...except I don't really say "shabooya" in real life, just sometimes in the voice in my head)

Finally, I got my new Easter iPhone case, which I just think is the coolest thing ever.  I keep showing it to anyone who will listen to me yammer for more than 10 seconds, and I'm sure they're thinking, weirdo cat lady mom, get a normal boring phone case.  I DON'T WANT TO.  Look how cute he is:
Plus Joony thinks he's funny.  He keeps poking the little yellow eyes and doing a cheesy grin and "Hee hee hee..."  I'm soaking up all the Joony approval I can get before he turns into a teenager and everything I do embarrasses him.


  1. I love it!! The number of things sneaking into our lives in the category of "for the baby" is somewhat disproportionate to ACTUAL things for the baby. She enjoys playing with sparkly things but hubby doesn't agree that that justifies another diamond ring.... Boo! Wicked pj's!!! xx

  2. Hey! I recently head of this European baby teething thing that seems to have help a ton of moms and their babes with teething and decreasing the slobber factor. Its just an amber necklace. I can't remember the place this girl told me where she got hers but there are a couple of stores out there that sell them. However you would have to be wary of knock-offs...... Just something to think about.

  3. Your posts always make me smile. :) I hope the couches worked out!! Thanks for coming with me yesterday to Mindy's - it went SO very well!

  4. I am so obsessed with quirky phone cases, too!


  5. The batman pj's are awesome :)

  6. I love the couches! We really need new furniture, but we're too poor to get a new couch right now. I can still pin pieces I like, though! :)


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