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With Joony's first birthday coming up, I thought I'd do a little post on the toys we love!  Truth be told, he has way less stuff than any other baby I've met.  Since he has birthday presents to open soon, I've gone through the toys he has and eliminated ones he isn't crazy about.  We've never been toy collectors, and I truly don't think that kids need a zillion things to keep them entertained.  Joony is just as happy banging a kitchen spatula against a wall as he is with Sophie the 20-freaking-dollar giraffe.  He squeals and claps his hands whenever the bathroom cabinet is open and available for him to dig through (my contact case and our dental floss are the perfect size for his little hands to grab onto and carry all around the house, as are my old razors) (just kidding about the razors).

All of that being said...here are a couple things we have and love.  I tend to shy away from overly bright, blinking, noisy toys in favor of simpler, classic ones that I think he'll use for longer.
What toys can't your kid live without?
Baby Touch & Feel books - It kills me to watch Joony play with these books.  He flips through them, puts his mouth on his favorite animals (gross, but also cute), and loves that the spines are shimmery.  Win.
Melissa & Doug Owl Stacker - Their rainbow stacker was such a hit that we decided to get the owl one, too.  He loves pushing them over and then inspecting each piece individually.
Little Tikes swing - Our town does not have a park with baby swings (or if it does, I do not know where that park is)...and Joony loves a good swing.  So we got him his own little personal swing for our backyard!
Schoolhouse Naturals ABC Tray - OK, this is $40 on Amazon, and I got it for $12 at a closeout sale.  I didn't think Joons would enjoy it right away, but he loves shuffling the blocks around in the tray, emptying it out, filling it back up, etc.
Melissa & Doug Alligator Push Toy - My kid is like a sack of flour.  Floppy jalopy.  He's not even close to walking yet (which, truth be told, I kind of love...I am in no way ready for him to grow up), but I think this will help him along the way.  Plus, once again...we freaking love Melissa & Doug toys.

**No sponsored shennanigans here, just stuff we honestly use and love!**


  1. We have the same alligator walker for our little girl (I've hung a pink ribbon from her, totally girlies it up) and we love it too! She's not so sure on it yet either but how cute is it going to be when they're snapping around the house!! xx

  2. I so need to go through noahs toys and eliminate, I've never bought him a single toy because people keep giving them to us. So nice but kind of irritating bc he already has so much. We even requested no toys for his birthday last month, and he got toys galore haha

  3. I LOVE how you talk about Joony - it's obvious you adore him and you haven't lost that classic Bran sense of humor. I don't know why I feel the need to point this out but you are one of my mom heroes. You make it seem possible to have a kid and still maintain YOU. All that to say: I love you and Joons and can you please just come to California soon and hang out with me?!

    1. this is the best comment ever. you brighten my whole day! i want DESPERATELY to come home soon. i'm working on it, promise!!

  4. Love all this toy list. My baby is only a month old so I know we're a little ways off from using this list but I'm trying to slowly collect things so we're prepared and have a purpose for the toys! Thanks for sharing.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  5. I second the comment on people buying toys. It's hard to give away a toy from someone who never sees Georgia- or a great grandma. So our stuffed animals are on rotation :)
    Love that alligator walker!

  6. I used to have that touch and feel book and the swing; I loved it!

    Dani Rose

  7. Oh, I love all of your picks! Melissa and Doug toys are all so cute, and I love that they're old-fashioned and simple. Maybe Joony would like a train? I just bought a wooden train with stacking blocks (and I don't even have children yet; I'm just weird like that) that I'm sure my nieces and nephews are going to love.

  8. I love all the wooden toys! I like to think that I will only own wooden toys for my babies, but doubt it will happen!

  9. All of Gibson's toys fit in a small basket in out living room. I believe the same way, I want him to develop and imagination and to come up with new ways to play with toys. I love the owl stacker.
    Sarah Clark


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