You so fly.

Someone linked to this video the other day on Facebook (it's been bouncing around the web like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert!) and I watched it and maybe teared up a little bit.  Kate and I have had many long discussions about how skewed our own perceptions of ourselves are.  One of our best friends mentioned once that she thought she had wide shoulders, and we all exclaimed in a chorus that her shoulders were no such thing.  Afterwards Kate made the comment that she wished she could see herself how we (her best friends) see her.  Isn't that such a cool thought?  I really do think each one of my best friends are stunningly beautiful and I hate it more than anything when I hear them say that they hate X or Y about themselves.  It makes me think about how often I look at myself and declare my nose too pointy or my hairline too receded or my bum too jiggly.  I doubt my best friends ever look at me and think, "Hm, Brandilyn's hair looks all right today, but she would really look better with fuller lips."
Anyways, there's my girl power (girl power!*) message for the day.
*Does Posh Spice sing at all? She's hardly a part of the video!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I often struggle with self esteem, but it feels good to look in the mirror and be thankful for what Heavenly Father has blessed me with. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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