Even if I tried

sneaks: vans; jeans: target; blouse: rue21; cardi: h&m
A few things about this outfit:
1. There is something about a tidy ponytail and a shirt tied at the waist that felt so summery to me.  And then it rained, but still.  I felt ready for it should the sun have decided to come out.
2. I have very few clothing items left over from high school, but these Vans are one of the things that have stood the test of time (although the laces went missing somewhere along the way).  I don't wear them often, but when I do, it feels so right!
3. If you notice a cray receding hairline, well then let's just give a big shout out to postpartum hair loss, which is still rearing its ugly head at 14 months.  Luckily my little boo has a full head of thick, curly, blonde hair, and I'm perfectly happy letting him have the good hair in the family for a while.
4. These jeans have the weirdest fit.  Did anyone else get them from Target? On me, the waist is tight, the bum is a little saggy, and then the calves are super narrow.  Do I just have a chubby tummy, no butt, and muscular thick calves?  Actually, don't answer that ::cries in corner::.
5. I just switched over to cloth diapers, and I'm excited about it.  That Joon bum looks dang cute in an orange dipe! (This doesn't have to do with this outfit, but I felt it was noteworthy)
6. On the day I wore this, David ordered a burger from our local hipster burger joint.  He got it without cheese (he's suuupes allergic), but they forgot and put cheese on anyways.  When he took it back, they gave him a free order of fries along with the new, cheese-less burger!  So that was exciting, AND we split one of those blood orange Pellegrinos and decided the lemon ones are still the best.


  1. I always find myself trying on jeans at target and I don't know why! Every time I rip them off in annoyance, weirdest fit ever! And for me it's every single pair they sell!

  2. Target jeans NEVER fit me right at all. It's not you. You look fantastic!

  3. My littlest is 25 months and my hair is just back to normal...at first it was the scary hair loss, then the new hair growing in that stuck out strangely at one and two inches, but it has finally settled down. It takes a while, don't be discouraged!

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