I mentioned the other day that our little family went out to the golf course together recently.  The course we went to is right here in our teeny-tiny town and was just as cute as can be.  We pulled into the drive and saw a man (I'm assuming one of the owners) on his riding lawn mower.  When we stopped to ask where we could pay for a bucket of balls to hit, he told us to just leave some cash in the drop box.  We realized that we didn't have any cash on us, and he said, "Well, will you be back to golf again soon? Just pay me twice then! You guys have fun out there!"  Adorable. I hope we always live in a small town.

We had the driving range to ourselves, so we made ourselves at home.  We spread out a blanket for Joony to sit on, David started hitting some balls, and I wandered around clicking away on my camera. Perfection.


  1. That third picture where he's looking back at the camera is so cute! It's almost like he's saying "get a load of that guy" or maybe that's just what I thought in my head! ;-)

  2. This made me want to go hit some balls! And no, I don't golf.

    What a nice way to spend an evening together. Outside, showing Joony something new, with a pretty backdrop? Splendid.


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