heartbeat runnin away


- I spent the whole weekend in mom clothes.  By that I mean this:
Hat, tee, cut offs, slip-ons.  Nothing to write home about, but so so comfortable.

- I lit a candle in our bedroom on Saturday morning.  David doesn't usually like smelly stuff, so I thought letting it burn while he was at work would leave a nice, faint aroma instead of a strong one by the time he got home.  Since Joony was napping, I hopped in the shower.  A few minutes later, the fire alarms started blaring.  I leaped out of the shower, covered in soap and conditioner, slid on the tile floor, slammed into the doorway, blew out the candle (which I had lit right under the alarm...idiot), and fanned the alarm with a towel until it turned off, leaving me panting and gasping for air.  It was all very dramatic.  Joony slept through the whole thing.

- Homemade granola, my new favorite thing.

- A picnic in the park for my neighbor friend's 5th birthday!  There was sunshine, birds chirping, children laughing, cheesy pizza.  The good stuff.

- I read this article (titled "Why I'm Glad Someone Told Me To Stop Breastfeeding in Public") and it impressed me big time.  Go girl.  Does your state have laws protecting breastfeeding moms? Idaho, sadly, does not...which means I have some letter writing to do.

- Mother's Day, of course! David got me a sweatshirt, fancy chapstick, a cute little bag for my Kindle, and best of all...a love note + homemade sloppy joes. AND we got cake pops at church.  Joony got me toothy grins, sleeping in, and stating, "Mom-ma-mom-ma," in a very matter-of-fact way. I loved it. He also shared his soggy graham crackers, which was actually very touching to me.  What else does a 1 year old have to give?  Those crackers are his very favorite thing and he shared them with me.  The sweetest little heart.

- GATSBY. Judging from all the Insta pictures of movie tickets, you all saw it too, right?  I loved it. La-la-la-LOVED it. It was beautiful and followed the book wonderfully and OMGLEO and the music? Oooh.


  1. ok, so gatsby, ummm it was so good.
    like i loved it.
    soundtrack, amazing.


  2. Hello! I am from eastern Europe and i read the article. I am not a mother(yet) but just wanted to say, that here have also many people , who think that breastfeeding in public is something to be ashamed of. I even had an argument with a mother of a 3 year old about it. It was about an incident, where a mother had to breastfeed in a parent-teacher meeting and did it subtly at the back of the classroom. She thought it was still really disgusting, disgraceful and made it sound, like the breastfeeding mother was a exhibitionist. I did my best to convince her otherwise, but i failed. P.S. You make mom clothes look hip :)

    1. Aw, shoot! I'm sure you made an impact on her, even though she ultimately stuck to her original opinion. Good for you for sticking up for the nursing mom, we all appreciate it!


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