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Almost exactly three years ago, I changed the title of this blog from "Station Wagon Haynes" to "Cats & Cardigans." You can read more about that transition right here.  Changing the title of my blog made me feel more at home here, and I've loved my C&C identity for a couple years now.
However...in the same way that I'd outgrown the "Station Wagon Haynes" title, I've been feeling lately like I'd outgrown my "Cats & Cardigans" title, too.  I'm still all about cats and cardigans...but the general feeling of what I blog about around here has changed, and I've been brainstorming a title that matches that transition.  Once "Mom Clothes" popped into my head, it felt right, and I swapped URLs without too much more consideration.
**UPDATE: Due to URL swapping confusion and a general lack of knowledge on my part, this will be a switch made in the next week or so as I figure it out.  Stay tuned, and I'm sorry for any confusion!**

Why Mom Clothes?  The outfits I blog have always been casual, casual, casual.  I read other blogs that are all high heels and bright red lips and blinged-out accessories and I think two things: 1. Dang, they look good, and 2. That has got to be exhausting.  Every time I go to take pictures, I think, "This is so casual...is it even worth blogging?  Does this qualify me as a style/fashion blogger?"  The short answer is no.  No, I don't consider myself a style blogger or a fashion blogger.  I'm a mom who needs a little extra motivation to dress in more than yoga pants and tee shirts.  This new blog identity is my way of making peace with that.

Going a bit deeper than that is the pride I feel in the work I do every day.  I'm proud of the pureed banana smiles that are always smeared on the shoulders of my shirts.  I don't mind the graham cracker hand prints that climb up the legs of my jeans.  Being a full-time mother is an occupation that I chose and that I feel gratitude for every day.
So here it is!  I'm Mom Clothes now and I'm excited about it.  I hope you'll stay along for the ride!

Some housekeeping: my blogspot URL is still the same, though I've somehow deleted my .com. D'oh!  Updates on all that forthcoming.  Shoulda had my act together before jumping this gun, but...I didn't, so here we are.

And also: OMGARRESTEDDEVELOPMENTISBACK!! And there'll be a Shabby Apple giveaway all up in here come tomorrow morning.  Awesome!

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  1. I am having a hard time following your new url on and rss feed readers. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or if there is a problem.

    I am excited for your name change! It is always nice to find something that just "fits". :)


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