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David had yesterday off work, so we headed to the zoo for a little family outing.  It wasn't crowded and the weather couldn't have been better.  We wandered around, tried to interest Joony in the different animals (his arrowroot cookies held his interest better than the exotic animals, truth be told), and basked in a little break from our daily routines.  The zoo in Idaho Falls is really small--we walked through in about 90 minutes--but I'm still always surprised that it's right there in our little Idaho town.

When I got home, I found out that one of my dearest friends had just had a baby.  I immediately felt my heart explode into my stomach and I teared up, I was so excited for them to be experiencing that first day of life.  It felt so silly to think of us eating Chick-Fil-A while their whole universe was shifting.  Birth stories always makes me so, so nostalgic for it all.  For pregnancy, which I loved fiercely, and for those incredible first few days, which are exhausting and terrifying and magical.  It's just so surreal that it's happening to people every day while I go about my mundane tasks.

All in all, yesterday was a day for appreciating all the beauty this universe somehow holds.  It's a great thing to be alive in the middle of it all.

P.S. Our adventure wore Joony out.  We came home and he promptly crashed just like this:


  1. and i love you. that first week of new baby-ness is just beyond. i thought it wouldn't be the same when it wasn't my first but oh my friend, it was. and more! because you have a first week with TWO! heart explosions and sound effects of joy.

  2. I love that your jeans look to be more hole than denim in that photo!


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