truth be told

Truth be told...

- I baked an entire Funfetti cake for no reason other than my own gluttony.

- I don't feel like blogging lately.  I go through phases like this--I'll be full of post ideas and (kind of) hilarious things to say, and then I'll cycle into staring at a blinking cursor night after night thinking, "No one gives a crap about any of the things running through my mind right now."

- I found dried graham cracker in Joony's ear while I was nursing him to sleep tonight.  Mother of the year.  And speaking of my parenting...he beelined for the open refrigerator the other day and came away with these as his prizes:

- I have mastered getting up early for a morning run, but haven't yet adjusted my bed time routine.  I am feeling exhausted all. the. time.  Snap out of it, Haynes!


  1. Oh gosh I've just been going through a blogging block lately too! I like reading anything you have to say about your gorgeous little boy, maybe you should just post photos of him when you don't feel like talking!! xx

  2. Well i checked in like three times yesterday to see if you blogged because you keep me that entertained! You always crack me up and your little joon bug is adorable. And now i want a piece of cake . . .

  3. blogging hiatus over here. whoops.
    and good job morning runs.
    i need to get on that.
    guess i'm having an exercising hiatus as well.


  4. i love the things you have to say and think that you are hilarious on a daily basis. But I so know what you mean. I feel like that all the time. (ps you actually have more than a hand ful of followers ha ha!) your amazing. keep it up! Also your boy is such a stud! Miss you guys


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