we don't notice any time pass

madewell archive boot; forever 21 socks; old navy skirt; thrift store sweater; gift necklace

On Sunday all three of us got a little restless indoors, so we went on a drive and found a gorgeous little boat loading dock on the river to explore.  I fiddled around with my camera while the guys squinted off into the distance and breathed the fresh mountain air (while cars whizzed by on the freeway nearby).

Joony has been Destructo Boy lately.  He is into everything and it is equal parts frustrating and entertaining. On days when I find myself teetering more on the frustrated side of the spectrum, I try to get us out of the house.  The change of scenery does us both good and we usually come back feeling refreshed and happy to start exploring the house again.

Last night David went dirt biking with his buddies so the Joonman and I had a little extra quality time together in the evening.  We shared a smoothie, then went to Target (of course) where he looked down at my feet pushing the cart and laughed and laughed (?).  When we got home I started changing him into his pajamas, and the minute his diaper came off, he bolted.  The sight of his nakey bum wriggling across the room as fast as he could go combined with his manic giggling brought me to tears, I laughed so hard.  He was quite proud of his escape and I was quite impressed with his dimpled bottom swaying drunkenly next to the rocking chair where he pulled himself up.

Anyways, just a few little reminders for myself that this is a good life.  I'm trying to make a habit of reminding myself how many great blessings combine to make up the details of each day, even the harder ones.


  1. love the photos, Bran! I want to see you soon!!

  2. I love those pictures! MISSING Idaho so much I can't breathe.


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