you and i

sneaks: target; pants: panache; tee: old navy; jacket: american eagle; bag: lucky brand
Sneakers, jean jacket, Old Navy tee shirt, diaper bag. I have made the full transition into mom clothes, minus a minivan.  David and I took these pictures next to the local hipster hamburger place after we had a lunch date there, which was awesome.  Lunch dates with David are second only to dinner dates with David.

My favorite thing to do when I eat fast food with my husband is pretend like other girls are hitting on him.  When we go through the drive through, after the polite person on the speaker has taken our order, I'll usually say, "Man, she seemed really into you.  That was uncomfortable for me." David always laughs and shakes his head.  The real fun starts when we drive around to pick up our food, though.  That's when I start muttering things just loud enough for David to hear, but not the people working in the restaurant.  "You wanted this burger wrapped in lettuce?" and I'll whisper, "Did she just offer to wrap herself in lettuce?  Ew.  I'm sitting right here, could she be any tackier?"  "Any condiments?" and I'll say, "Is she asking if you have a condom? Dave, this is just getting weird."  Mostly this is fun for me because I get to watch David try to keep a straight face while he pays and grabs our food as fast as he can before speeding off.

Anyways, there's a glimpse into how weird we really are.   Your true inner weirdness doesn't really get exposed until you live with someone, and then it's just utter madness.  I always wonder what couples I know are like when they're home alone together, because I know they have all sorts of dumb voices and weird habits that no one else will ever see.

And THAT...is what happens when I blog late at night.  TGIF, everyone, am I right?!


  1. Haha that is hilarious, love it!

  2. Hehe love it! A sense of humour is so important to see you through some otherwise fairly pedestrian times I think! I think we're going to start having to watch ourselves when our baby starts to talk though! Can't have her repeating our jokes to the real world!! Have a great weekend xx

  3. My pregnant mom outfit of choice is pretty much exactly this, except I wear a cotton maxi skirt, and TOMS or sandals I can slip on or off. I feel like we're kind of twins and that makes me feel kind of really cool.

  4. THE WEIRDNESS! being weird is the best. the very best.

  5. YES. No one will ever know me like my husband

  6. YOU make me laugh. :) I just love this.


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