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I had the grumpiest day ever yesterday. I kept grumping at David, and then I would get super apologetic and be like, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, this is a terrible way to spend your day off, can we start over and I'll be nicer?" He would agree, and then 15 minutes later I'd snap something rude at him.

The day before yesterday, David got home from work and Joony was fussing in his room, trying to tell me he didn't need a nap (he needed a nap). When Dave asked, "How can I help? What should I do?" I spat out, "Drop kick him across the room, I just don't care at this point!" And then an immediate, "Ohmygosh I did not mean that, I'm so sorry, it's been such a long day!"

All that to say, my moods are on the fritz.  Joony's made the shift from being a nursing-every-couple-hours baby to a nurse-at-bedtime-and-once-or-twice-during-the-day boy.  I think the change has been playing tricks on my brain--maybe I don't feel as needed?  Maybe I miss the extra cuddle time every day? Whatever it is, I'm fighting this daily battle with the part of my brain that wants me to be a cheerful, rational person and the part that wants to throw a temper tantrum and pout and eat 6 Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches.

Last night was exactly the calm I needed after the emotional start to my week.  We went to the (empty) driving range, Joony laughed while David hit golf balls, the weather was gorgeous, and we came home to watch The Voice (a day late on Hulu), have some sparkling red grape juice, and goof off.  Aah.  Ready once again to tackle life!


  1. I hear you! I hadn't thought about the connection to the reduced nursing maybe having something to do with it, but ice cream has been called upon for comfort far too often lately!! Just steal the cuddles, I'm not letting mine out of my arms these days!!xx

    1. Right?! I'd read a lot about how weaning (I hate that word) can cause some crazytown mood swings/depression, but I hadn't really thought about how reduced nursing might have a similar/milder effect. Being a mom comes with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns!

  2. I'm sorry you had a rotten time. I think we all have days like those. Keep your head up tomorrow will be better :-)

  3. but really though...fatboy ice cream sandwiches are the best. and i just drop-kicked Gemma yesterday!!

  4. Poor momma! I love nursing. I'm going to be sad when it's time to stop! boo hoo!

  5. This post made me smile with all the mommy reality it is OOZING with. :) I hate it when I get grumpy like that for no reason. Don't worry... we all have those days.

  6. So I am not a mom, so I can't totally relate to what you're going through. But I read this:


    on a Cup of Jo months ago and your post sort of reminded me of your post. And I'm not trying to be rude and say you are depressed or anything like that, but she sort of went though a funk when her son was weaning. Anywho... I thought maybe reading this could help?

  7. hahahahaha I am SO with you! Except you are a nicer wife than I am because apologize like a maximum of two times and then I am like "that's it! I need a break! I am leaving for an hour!" and then I leave McKay at home with whiney Jax. This is a hard age because they can understand so much, but can't communicate it. AND it's hard on a mom to slowly stop nursing. It will get easier, I promise!!


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