your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

boots: target; dress: panache clothing swap ($1!); belt: f21; jacket: american eagle; necklace: truly sarah
Some things:
1. Joony is really frustrated with himself lately.  He can pull himself up to stand, but can't walk or balance on his own.  He wants to so desperately it's almost comical, except I also feel so bad for him.  I know soon he'll be walking running everywhere and I kind of hate that he'll be that much less dependent on me.
2. I've been running every morning at 6:30 and it is kicking my butt.  I also did a 5K on Saturday morning and improved my mile time by 30 seconds/mile from my last race! Not bad for a tortoise, right?
3. David said, "Should we plan a date night for this weekend? Gatsby will be out!" And I nearly passed out in love and excitement.
4. Somehow our Sunday School class got on the subject of clean laundry and dryers, and one boy said, "Sometimes I like to crawl in there just to feel the comfort." Cute.
5. I shipped off Mother's Day goodies and now I'm really excited for the packages to arrive at their destinations.  Sending packages to people I love is my favorite!

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