I feel your love falling all around me

oxford flats: target; jeans: ae; horse button-up/bangles: c/o wizards of the west; vest: buckle
Freaking A, a blouse with horses on it!  And not only horses, horses with English saddles on them.  Be still my heart, I flipped out when I saw it.  I love clothes with animals on them.  I was sent this top and bracelet set by the new online boutique Wizards of the West and I am so impressed with their quality.  They have tons of cute stuff, so definitely check them out!


- We still love the bike trailer we got for Joony! I've been out for a couple rides with him (I even attached it to my bike on my own and impressed myself) to get groceries and be out of the house for a bit.  I can already tell it's going to get a ton of use this summer.

- Joony has started mimicking gestures big time and it is so funny.  Sticking his tongue out, waving, patting his head.  He also comes "sprinting" (crawling as fast as he can while panting loudly) when he hears something interesting happening in a different room than he's in.

- I left for a run last night as a grumpy lady and came home with a happy running high to find a tidy kitchen and front room, a tall glass of ice water, and a slice of chocolate cake. +1 for David.

- You know those zits that brew deep underground in your face for like a week before they show their evil selves and it's painful and terrible? (Gross, I know, sorrynotsorry)  I've had TWO of those in the last week or so.  Awful.  My skin needs to get her act together.

P.S. OK, this is my last post as C&C...tomorrow we switch, and just in time for my birthday, WAHOO!


  1. I love reading your blog! And i figured i would say something about those deep zits ;) I have found this stuff called witch hazel, it works wonders on those deep zits. It isnt harsh on your face and it seems to clear mine up quickly.

    1. I will try to hunt some down TODAY! Thanks for the tip!

  2. HATE those zits. LOVE your shirt.

    Isn't it so great to have such a great husband! I love hearing that others have a happy marriage! And you're making me really want to buy a bike trailor...but I'd need a bike first :)

  3. oh god, you are looking nice with blue shirt, on that you have nice horse printed colors....its just simply superb!!!


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