I'm Brandilyn. Thanks for stopping by!

This blog documents my casual outfits and little tidbits about small-town life.  I don't take anything around here too seriously.
You should know:
I talk about my husband a lot. His name is David, he's a motorcycle man, and I think he's cool.  We got married in the summer of 2008 and love being newlyweds.
David Clark Haynes (junior/joons/joony) joined us on April 11, 2012. 
Life with two Davids makes me the luckiest.

Other things:
I got my Bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writing in 2011.
I really, really loved my major and being a student. I miss it all the time.
I insist on being exactly on time to everything.
I don't like hot weather. Chilly days are my jam.
Animal cruelty makes me cry...don't tell me hunting stories.
I like to ride big horses over big jumps.
I write stories. Some of them are true.

I'm glad to have you here! 
Feel free to comment and say hello. I'd love to be friends with you!
You can find other ways to contact me right here.